When the ears stick out too much from the side of the head they tend to dominate the facial appearance. Another common reason for ear correction surgery is significant asymmetry. For example one ear may be significant larger or more prominent than the other. In these circumstances the aspect of the face that is immediately noticed are the ears. This often draws unwanted attention to the individual concerned making them sensitive about their appearance.

In the case of children this may invite teasing, bullying or unpleasant comments from their playmates. It is therefore best to carry out this kind of surgery for children sooner rather than later, preferably before they start school. In this way any possible hang up about their ears is avoided.

Unfortunately older children who have prominent ears have often already had to put up with hurtful comments.

There are of course other reasons to undergo an ear set back procedure.

Adults often decide to have surgery because they have been sensitive about the appearance of the ears for a long time. For example a lady might feel sensitive about wearing her hair up and away from her ears. Both men and women may have a job where they work in a public role and may feel less confident than they should because they that others are staring at them.

In the adult age group the opportunity for corrective surgery may not have been present in childhood because of financial or other reasons.

During your first consultation with our surgeons we will be more than happy to discuss your concerns and expectations and answer all your questions regarding the operation and post-operative care. So why don’t you make an appointment to visit SFMedica today?

Ear Surgery Consultation

If you are the parent of a young child it is understandable that you will be concerned about making a decision for your child to have cosmetic surgery to the ears. It is likely that your concerns will be about the anaesthetic and also about whether the procedure will be painful. No doubt you will have wondered how long it will take for your child to recover from the procedure and about how successful the procedure may be. These are all questions that would concern any caring parent who is making what for them, is a big decision.

Both adults and children will have photos of their ears taken both before and after surgery.

Adequate time for discussion about the procedure with the surgeon will be possible.

Any unusual features or issues that may arise in the individual will be pointed out and discussed.


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