About Otoplasty

Most people undergo otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, to reduce the size of large ears or have their prominent ears "pinned back" closer to the head.

The most common reason for undertaking surgery on your ears is to pin them back to the side of the head.. An otoplasty or ear set back procedure is sometimes also referred to as a ‘pinnaplasty’. This is because the ears are also known as ‘pinnae’ in medical jargon.

Although it is more common for children to undergo a procedure to pin back the ears, it is quite common for adults to request this procedure as well.

Prominent ears are usually an inherited condition. Therefore it is not unlikely that you will have noticed a relative with outstanding ears or perhaps you will be aware that somebody in your family has undergone surgical ear correction in the past.


Otoplasty (PDF 220Kb)