If a drain is used it will be removed the day after surgery unless there is bleeding when it may be kept in place for longer.

A phased return to normal activities is advised.

Vigorous exercise is to be avoided for five to six weeks but mild exercise can be done after about three weeks.

A return to work depends on the individual but with the short scar lift about a week off is required and for the sub SMAS lift two weeks is usual. However this depends on the degree of swelling and bruising.

Alcohol, smoking and medication that may cause bleeding need to be avoided for at least two weeks after surgery.


Face lift is just like any other surgery except that it is usually performed for healthy people who elect to have it done for non medical reasons. As such there can sometimes be complications such as bleeding or infection.

Complications are rare if post-operative instructions are followed.

Other problems that can occur may be a visible or ugly scar, facial weakness or a cosmetic result with which you are unhappy. Your surgeon will discuss these potential complications during your initial consultation and will outline the various techniques available to reduce the risk.

Should scarring become a concern to you then SFMedica can offer you a wide range of treatments to improve the appearance of your scar(s). Please see the relevant sections on our website.


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