Surgery Explained

Ear lobe repairs are an outpatient procedure, and, provided they are performed by experienced surgeons, an excellent cosmetic result can be achieved. The time taken for the procedure averages just 30 minutes.

Aspirin or other blood thinning medication is best avoided a week before the procedure. It is also suggested that the earrings be removed a few days prior to the intended repair to allow small abrasions to heal.

The surgical technique used for your ear lobe surgery is dependent on the deformity. However in all cases the surgery can be conducted under local anaesthetic avoiding thus hospitalisation and any potential risk associated with general anaesthesia.

You can return to work or any other non-strenuous activity immediately after the procedure.

Earlobe reduction

  • Earlobe reduction is performed to reduce the overall size of the ear lobe. An incision is designed within the earlobe to reduce it to the desired size.
  • The two common types of earlobe reduction are a curved crescent excision of skin and fat involving the lower unwanted part of the earlobe, or a triangular wedge excision.

Split Earlobe repair

  • The procedure is performed to correct a split in the earlobe often caused by trauma associated with wearing heavy earrings for too long or an acute accidental pull on an earring
  • The edges of the split earlobe are freshioned and a meticulous layered wound closure is performed to re-establish a continuous earlobe.

Gauged and torn earlobe repair

  • It is common for the hole of a pierced or gauged ear to either enlarge forming a slit, or to tear through completely as a result of dangling earrings getting caught on clothing.
  • In this case ear lobe repair surgery involves a “Z-plasty” where two triangular flaps are interdigitated to provide more support to the earring, so that it does not tear through the resulting scar.

Loss of volume and/or creasing

As part of ageing process our earlobes lose volume becoming smaller and occasionally unsightly creasing is formed. If that is your main concern then we would recommend the use of dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm Ultra to volumize the lobe and eliminate creasing. Results are excellent.


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