You can go home on the same day. There is usually quite a lot of swelling, which takes about 1 to 2 weeks to reduce. Initially the swelling may make the chin look bigger than it will eventually be, so you do not have to worry that too large an implant has been inserted.

A pressure dressing - often a dressing that fits over the top of the head and under the chin, is applied.

The surgeon will see you 1 week after surgery to check the incision and to remove stitches if necessary.

You will be given antibiotics and painkillers for about 5 to 7 days.

The main complication that may arise with chin augmentation is infection. In some situations it may be necessary to remove the implant but this is rare. Another complication is that sometimes the sensation to the chin area is reduced due to numbness but this is usually temporary.

Generally clients are delighted with the outcome of chin augmentation, which can make a big difference to the face with a relatively small surgical procedure.

For non-surgical cheek and chin enhancement please see the relevant section of Dermal Fillers.


Chin and Cheek enhancement (PDF 185Kb)