Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction with tissue expansion is a safe way to restore the breast's natural appearance after a mastectomy.


SFMedica surgeons are dedicated to improving people’s lives including the quality of life of breast cancer patients following the successful completion of their cancer treatment.

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Surgery explained

We offer tissue expansion followed by permanent implant placement in order to restore the amputated breast’s natural appearance.

We use a two stage approach. At first the surgeon inserts a tissue expander, a temporary silastic implant, beneath a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle of the chest wall.

In a process that can take weeks to months, saline solution is injected to progressively expand the overlaying tissue. Once the expander has reached an acceptable size, it may be removed and replaced with a more permanent implant. Reconstruction of the areola and nipple are usually performed in a separate operation after the skin has stretched to its final size.


Breast Reconstruction (PDF 158Kb)