Following breast surgery you will be expected to stay in hospital overnight.

Drains are rarely required and postoperative pain is usually manageable with OTC painkillers.

Breast surgery has a relatively fast recovery time.

You will be advised to wear a supportive bra day and night for several weeks post-operatively.

The stitches are removed after one to two weeks.

It is generally advised that recovering patients avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for the first few weeks following surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery, a woman can usually return to work 10 to 14 days after her breast surgery.

The breasts may swell and become painful during the first menstrual period after surgery.

Altered sensations in the breast and nipple are common following surgery, and the nipples and breasts may remain numb for up to a year, but most patients report regaining feeling before then.

You will be given written instructions for your post-operative care and all follow-up appointments with your surgeon will be arranged for you by our SFMedica team.

Photographs of your breasts will be taken to show the way your breast look and discuss any potential asymmetries or deformities that may need to be addressed during the operation. The photos also will be kept as a record to compare the way your breasts look before and after surgery.


Breast Surgery (PDF 211Kb)