PM Regimen

First Step: Cleanse & Tone

As per AM regimen.

Second Step: Vitamin A based products

Vitamin A should be a very important part of night skin care as it improves skin texture and helps with rejuvenation.

Vitamin A in the forms of retinoic acid, tretinoin, and isotretinoin are strong tissue stimulators and are available only by prescription. The retinoids used in cosmeceuticals are the alcohol and ester forms of retinoic acid (retinol, retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate) and have less irritating effect than prescription retinoic acid. These compounds are converted in the skin into active retinoic acid (but in mild concentrations).

Retinoic acid

  • Stimulates epidermal turnover through increased mitosis, replacing damaged cells with new cells and reducing melanin production
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin fibre production slowing down thinning of the skin
  • Increases blood flow in the dermis
  • Reduces collagen breakdown
  • Is the core topical agent used when conditioning the skin (e.g. prior to resurfacing procedures)
  • Is suitable for all skin types, including facial and non-facial skin

Third Step: Hydrate, Correct and Prevent

Peptides can either be used following the application of a retinoid at night time or on its own as an alternative to retinol products, particularly in those cases where retinoic acid causes skin hypersensitivity and irritation.

Advanced skincare using peptides is the latest development in our combat against ageing skin with promising results. Peptides are indicated for all ages and skin types including very sensitive skins that cannot tolerate retinoic acid.

Why peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids, the biochemical building blocks of our body. They also function as cell messengers counteracting effects of ageing by enhancing collagen III production and protecting against the effects of glycation, free radicals and ROS. When used regularly peptide enhanced skincare can help protect the skin from accelerated environmental-based ageing and rebalance the chronological skin ageing process.

Tip: For the peptides to produce optimal results they need to be applied regularly without breaks covering the entire skin area to be treated.


Infra-orbital shadows or "dark circles" under the eye area are caused by an accumulation of haemoglobin and coloured degradation products (bilirubin and iron) in the dermis and epidermis. We find products that contain Haloxyl very effective in the treatment of dark circles.

A product that combines haloxyl with special optical particles which reflect the sunlight to create an extra camouflage over eye shadows making thus dark circles less visible is Dark Circles by Medik8.

Eye by HydroPeptide® also contains haloxyl along with powerful peptides. It is highly recommended for puffy eyes and/or dark circles.

Tip: Only pump half a pea-size amount of Eye and divide it between both eyes. Apply any excess to upper lip area.


The two-step TNS LipPlump System is an excellent product to restore fullness and thickness of the lips. LipPlump System consists of a proprietary mix of human growth factors, peptides and hyaluronic acid in order to instantly hydrate and plump your lips.