About Skin Care Protocols

Cosmeceuticals can be used by both men and women and can effectively treat or improve a variety of skin conditions ranging from acne and rosacea to hyperpigmentation and cellulite

Our skin, as the largest organ and the outer covering of our body, is overexposed to environmental damage in particular photodamage leading to extrinsic ageing. In addition, intrinsic ageing or chronological ageing due to inherent degenerative process is also attacking our skin from within. Intrinsic and extrinsic cutaneous ageing is a relentless process that cannot be halted or reversed. However extensive research has shown that high quality cosmeceuticals (the marriage of pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetics) can provide anti-ageing benefits through the synergistic effects of their active ingredients and the diverse range of their mechanism of action.

The regimens below reflect Dr S. Foutsizoglou’s experience in the use of highly effective cosmeceutical products in the field of Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Medicine that are suitable for all skin types and ages. The recommended products have been used by a large number of people with a variety of skin problems producing excellent results. This is a chart developed to provide general guidelines for using preventive, protective, and corrective products and is intended for use as a guide only. Skin Care Protocols may vary considerably depending on the individual’s age, skin type and problems.

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In addition, all our new clients will be given a free copy of Dr S. Foutsizoglou’s new book ‘Skin Aging and the role of Cosmeceuticals in Anti-Aging Medicine’ where you can find a variety of skin care regimes covering a multitude of skin conditions that can be successfully treated or improved by the appropriate use of high quality cosmeceuticals.