Treatment Explained

After a great amount of research and training we bring you the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

Depending on your individual problem and gender we will apply the appropriate Mesotherapy protocol with or without medication and topical solutions for optimal results. For instance it is well known that "genetically sensitive" follicles on the scalp begin to miniaturize in the presence of normal levels of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) therefore anti-androgen medication in younger males with significant hair thinning may be indicated.

Mesotherapy has proven to be highly effective for both prevention and treatment of hair loss. Hair Mesotherapy (or MesoHair) is the practice of using a combination of hair follicle targeting specific microinjections of compounded medications and plant extracts such as vitamins (e.g. Biotin), sulphur amino acids, essential minerals (e.g. Zinc), dexpanthenol (the biologically active form of panthenol), ginkgo biloba and organic silicon in order to cause an increase in blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate the follicles to produce better quality and thicker hair.

Please note that MesoHair is not a cure for the bald head, but certainly a safe, simple and cost-effective option to treat certain conditions predisposing to hair thinning. MesoHair therapy can in some cases eliminate or postpone the need for hair transplant surgery in both men and women, particularly when started at an early stage of hair loss.

For more advanced stages of balding our hair loss treatments can also be combined with Hair Transplant Surgery.


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