Dr Sotirios Foutsizoglou has been using over a number of years the Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment by Mesoestetic with very good results indeed. Dermamelan is a safe treatment for all skin phototypes (Fitzpatrick I – VI) and it can be used for a variety of skin blemishes including:

  • Melasma (all types)
  • Freckles
  • Solar lentigo (eg. actinic lentigo, senile lentigo, sun spot, liver spot)
  • Juvenile lentigo
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Idiopathic hyperpigmentation.
The Fitzpatrick phototype scale
Type Skin type Sensitivity Characteristics
Type I Blond or red hair, freckles, fair skin, blue eyes Very sensitive Always burns easily, never tans; very fair skin tone
Type II Blond, fair skin, blue eyes or green eyes Very sensitive Usually burns easily, tans with difficulty; fair skin tone
Type III Darker caucasian, Mediterrainean Sensitive Burns moderately, tans gradually; fair to medium skin tone
Type IV Darker Mediterranean, Asian, Hispanic Moderately sensitive Rarely burns, always tans well; olive skin tone
Type V Middle eastern, Latin, light-skinned black, Asian Minimally sensitive Very rarely burns, tans very easily; dark skin tone
Type VI Dark-skinned black Least sensitive Never burns, deeply pigmented; very dark skin tone

Dermamelan can also help in hypomelanoses such as pielbadism, vitiligo and pityriasis alba causing a more even distribution of the remaining pigment.

Dermamelan is a well tolerated non-hydroquinone depigmentation treatment which acts as a reversible tyrosinase inhibitor without damaging the melanocytes; that means less likely to cause post treatment patchy hypopigmentation.

Dermamelan’s active depigmenting ingredients are Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and Azelaic Acid.

Dermamelan combines alpha and beta hydroxy acids, that help with the excess melanin elimination, with a vitamin complex (e.g. Vitamin C and E) and sunblock filters (e.g. avobenzone) providing a very effective antioxidant protection. It also stimulates collagen production and cell renewal enhancing skin luminosity.

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