Non-Surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical face and neck lift is a safe way to achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results with minimal downtime at a very reasonable cost.

Research shows that ageing is caused by intrinsic (from within) and extrinsic (environmental) factors.

Ageing is a continuous and irreversible process that begins in our mid-20’s but its signs become visibly apparent much later manifesting as:

  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Changes in skin elasticity, density and firmness
  • Reduction of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans
  • Thin and transparent skin
  • Loss of supportive soft tissue volume such as fat allowing gravity to take its toll
  • Changes in underlying skeleton as bones shrink away
  • Loss of facial contour and angles developing jowls
  • Decreased fullness and flattening of the upper lip
  • Deep nose to mouth (nasolabial) creases
  • Downturning of the oral commissures resulting in a ‘sad’ look
  • Neck lines and skin laxity giving rise to the appearance of a ‘turkey neck’ or ‘double chin’
  • Prominent platysma bands

The gold standard procedure to correct signs of facial ageing and restore a more youthful look has been a facelift, technically known as a rhytidectomy. However not everyone wants to achieve a younger looking face and neck through surgery, which can often leave tell tale signs or can be associated with more serious complications.

SFMedica experienced doctors can apply a combination of minimally invasive non-surgical procedures in order to restore lost volume, tighten the skin, eliminate fine lines, reduce deep creases, redefine facial angles and improve facial shape.