Treatment Explained

There are three main injection techniques used:

  • Papule
  • Nappage
  • Point by point
Most commonly used injection techniques in Cosmetic Mesotherapy
Papule Nappage
Depth of injection: 1 - 2 mm Slightly deeper: 2 - 4mm
The needle is held almost parallel to the skin At an angle of about 60°
With bevel of needle facing upwards raise a small papule at the level of dermal-epidermal junction. Series of injections 3 to 4 mm apart whilst maintaining constant pressure on the plunger.
Suitable for treating wrinkles, scars and skin imperfections. Recommended in delicate areas where skin is too thin, e.g. perio-orbital area
Papule normally fades within a few minutes. Practitioner’s gloved finger may be used to aid deeper penetration of the infused product (which by now has become mixed with skin capillary blood) by gently massaging over treated area.

Nowadays assisted injection systems (i.e. mesotherapy guns) have been increasingly used as they provide a standardized injection depth, reduce treatment time, are easy to use and most importantly make the whole procedure better tolerated by the patient.

Dr S. Foutsizoglou has also been using Fusion Mesotherapy, a new mesotherapy approach based on breakthrough systems and products. RF Needle Free Fusion Mesotherapy combines a mesotherapy injector device and radiofrequency producing enhanced cellular permeability.

This virtual mesotherapy technique opens skin channels and pores increasing the transdermal transport of active substances used in treatment protocols. Needle-free mesotherapy with electroporation produces great results without any kind of pain or discomfort.

Please note that depending on the problem and the area to be treated a cycle of 3-6 sessions may be required for great results. Mesotherapy can be combined with other non-surgical treatments in one session. All treatment options will be discussed at your first consultation.