Treatment Explained

The treatment consists of introducing a cannula through a small incision in the skin and injecting Macrolane in the desired areas.

Injecting Macrolane is similar to traditional fat injections. The whole procedure will take anything between 30-70 minutes depending on the volume restoration and the area to be treated.

With you standing up your doctor will do some marking as a guide during the procedure and take pre-op pictures from various angles.

A local anaesthetic will be used to numb the incision site following thorough cleaning of the area to be treated using aseptic techniques.

He will then make a small incision (1-2mm) in the skin as a point of entry of the Macrolane hyaluronic acid gel. Macrolane will be introduced through a relatively long and thick needle with a blunt tip called cannula.

(For breast augmentation Macrolane is usually injected above the pectoral muscle but in some patients the product may be placed underneath the pectoral muscle in order to achieve good results).

The appropriate VRF will be used depending on the size and depth of the volume restoration.

Once the desired volume is attained the treated area will be massaged until it is even and smooth.

Usually stitches are not required and a pressure dressing will be applied to the treated area.

You could go home right after the procedure.

Who performs Macrolane treatments?

Dr Foutsizoglou is one of the few UK doctors who have been trained in Sweden and certified by Q-Med to carry out procedures with Macrolane.

SFMedica makes sure that all involved doctors have satisfied strict criteria; that they have the appropriate clinical and surgical experience and meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission.


Macrolane (PDF 250Kb)