About Macrolane

Macrolane is the first body shaping treatment using hyaluronic acid.

Macrolane is the first body shaping treatment using hyaluronic acid based on Q-Med’s patented NASHATM technology. The same technology has been used for years as fillers to treat wrinkles such as Restylane.

The Macrolane range of hyaluronic acid gels can be used to restore volume in a graceful, safe, natural-looking manner without the need for surgery.

Macrolane is available in two formulations, or volume restoration factors, Macrolane VRF20 and Macrolane VRF 30. Each version has been specially designed to accommodate different levels of tissue support. Both restoration factors (i.e. VRF 20 and VRF 30) can be combined to ensure full correction of volume and smoothness of the skin surface.

How is Macrolane different from other HA fillers?

Macrolane is a much thicker hyaluronic acid gel than usual dermal fillers, designed for use in the body where larger areas of volume restoration are desired.

How does Macrolane compare to fat injection?

Treatment with Macrolane does not require any harvesting from other parts of the body thus saving time and trauma for the patient.

How long is the effect meant to last?

Macrolane gels are not permanent implants. The NASHA gel injected during treatment will gradually be biodegraded by the patient’s body over time. While individuals naturally respond differently, effects are intended to last for at least a year. Current investigation suggests that lifestyle factors such as smoking, low weight and high metabolic rate may reduce the duration of the product.


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