Consultation Fees

We understand that finding the right doctor for the right treatment for you may be a difficult task. Therefore SFMedica has made things simple for you.

You can book a consultation with us today without any obligation to proceed with the treatment or the surgical procedure.

  • Consultations for non-surgical treatments  are free of charge.
  • For your initial surgical consultation the standard consultation fee of £185 will be charged regardless of how much time we spend with you for a thorough pre-operative assessment and a mutual understanding of your expectations with respect to the surgical procedure(s) you are interested in.
    This will cover all subsequent pre-operative consultations with the surgeon that may be required as well as post-operative follow-up care.
    Please note that the initial surgical consultation fee is not refundable for any reason.

All surgical procedures are performed at well-established Central London Hospitals.

All initial surgical consultations and non-surgical treatments take place in Harley Street.